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For professionals and creatives, we’ve built the platform that gives you the online presence you’ve always dreamed of and deserve. Unlimited pages, features, designs, layouts, and colors. It’s all up to you.

We take care of all the other stuff (IT related that is). 


  • A folio (from Latin foliō, abl. of folium, leaf) is a book or pamphlet made up of one or more full sheets of paper, on each sheet of which four pages of text are printed, two on each side; each sheet is then folded one time to produce two leaves.
  • Folios are made up of articles, which in turn are made up of layouts. Each folio may contain multiple articles. Each article may contain a layout that is horizontal only, vertical only, or one of each, depending on how the folio is set up.

we make it easy.

Just watch the very short video. In it you’ll see  the sign-up, site creation, and wysiwyg editing in under 10 mins.

what we do.

Professionals and Creatives deserve an online presence that reflects their creativity, experience, and insights. Check it out.  

A Beautiful Online Presence

Using our platform, you can create the personal website of your dreams and vision. While you can use templates, you can build your online presence from scratch. It’s your site, you make it happen. We’ll be there if you need help. 

Collaborative and Mobile Ready

Our platform gives you HTML5 formatted pages so that your personal folio site looks great on every device. We don’t limit your pages, and features. So, you can add multimedia, docs, your sample courses. It’s all up to you.

Easy Customization and WYSIWYG

Whether you’re an HTML and/or CSS guru, you can customize your online folio to your hearts content. We make it easy with the WYSIWYG page editor built in. And if you need additional functionality. Just let us know. 


You are your brand. You can upload just about anything to ensure your personal brand is maintained.

Web Design

It’s all about choices and option. You can choose to do it yourself or you can “collaborate” with any one you like.

Search Engine Optimization

We take care of SEO for you. If you need additional services to maximize your SEO, we’re here to help. 


And we don’t stop there… having a folio site with us automatically makes you a member of our network of professionals and creatives.

Content Strategy

It’s all about space! We don’t limit the number of pages you need or the megabytes for that matter.

Business Consulting

Check out our community for any business consulting service: digital design, graphics, marketing, to getting your business off the ground.

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Our private community is ad-free and focused on bringing together the collective wisdom, experience and insights of our members and groups. Bring your thoughts and ideas to our community and engage.

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