About foliosRock


  • A folio (from Latin foliō, abl. of folium, leaf) is a book or pamphlet made up of one or more full sheets of paper, on each sheet of which four pages of text are printed, two on each side; each sheet is then folded one time to produce two leaves.
  • Folios are made up of articles, which in turn are made up of layouts. Each folio may contain multiple articles. Each article may contain a layout that is horizontal only, vertical only, or one of each, depending on how the folio is set up.

foliosRock is first and foremost a community. It’s a community made for professionals and creatives; really, just people who are passionate about being a person, a human being. Humanity is of major importance today. It’s re-awakend, coming alive, made alive by world and local events.

Our groups features are core to collaboration, relationships, knowledge sharing and more. We give our members the ability to self-organize, follow each other, message each other, share docs, folders, photos, albums, did I miss anything? And if that weren’t enough, we’ve integrated zoom into our platform. Reach out to us if that’s something your interested in.

Secondly, and alongside really, we want to help professionals and creatives a like by giving them a place to design, build, and host their online folio site. As we grow our community, we’re absolutely sure that members will be happy to provide and promote their services who can help other members. It’s members helping members. People helping people.

So, get social, get creative, build your folio site, ask for help, ask for feedback, and build community.


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