Welcome and Getting Started

I’d like to welcome you, warmly and with all sincerity to our foliosRock community. I invite you to be curious, check out our groups, our forums, our members. We are a community of creative professionals, training designers/developers, technical writers, graphic designers, web designers, voice professionals and more. We will help you build your online folio.

Getting Started

Join as many groups as you wish, or even start one. Engage by sharing your thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and most of all your experiences.

Getting Started with Your Folio

The easiest way to get started building your portfolio is with our templates. They ensure that you’re prompted to consider various key pieces of content. Join the Getting Started group, and also view the course made up of two short video lessons on how to work with your templates. Every Tuesday at noon, PST, I’ll host a Tuesday tutorials on working with your folio site. In the mean time, if you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I want all our members to get great value out of this community, your community!

Jaime Villanueva


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